Adventures in Marine

Last night I dreamed of a town called Marine.

It was a beautiful nightmare.

In my dream, I was visiting Marine for a Mayor’s conference.

It was a loooong 20 hour lecture geared at getting mayors who are guilty of abandoning their towns back on track.

Have you ever dreamed that you were having a dream?  Well, all throughout the lecture, I kept falling asleep and dreaming that I had missed an important exam.

Then, I would awaken startled, heart pounding, palms sweating, only to fall asleep and have the same dream again.  This happened over, and over, and over again.  It was a nightmare on a loop.

After the lecture finally ended, I checked in at the local hotel.

Once I was all checked in, that’s when the fun began.

While exploring the town, I found a game room, and played the classic arcade game, Super Mario Brothers.

I played until my hands cramped up, and I became convinced that I would either get carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis.

To ease my worry, I stopped in at the 24 hour convenience store and bought some candy and ice cream, because sweets make EVERYTHING better.

While exploring the town, and taking in the sights, I enjoyed my snacks.

I don’t know if it was because of all of the walking that I did, or all of the snacks that I ate, but I began to feel a little sleepy, so when I came across an outdoor chair, I laid down for a little nap, and a little sun bath.

When I awoke, I stopped in at the 24 hour gym and burned off some calories on the heavy bag.

I was on my last round on the bag, when I felt this sharp pain in one of my teeth.

Luckily, this town has a dentist, so I stopped in to have my tooth looked at.

I was told that I needed to have a root canal, and given some general anesthesia.  As I began to lose consciousness, the last thing that I heard was the sound of the motor on the dentist’s drill, and the echoes of my own screams.

You can visit Marine through the Dream Suite at 6800-2215-6823.